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View Diary: Medicare cuts: Is it about the pain, or the politics? (43 comments)

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    that is what the current GOP exists to do. they want  to use the Treasury to steer public tax dollars to private enterprise that is firmly aligned to them politically. its the same thing they are trying to do to public schools. the political tactics are secondary, including manufacturing debt crises and then using them to scare the public to accept the cuts. as for the pain any of this causes, they don't give a shit because the people injured don't underwrite their election campaigns.

    what our side misses is how difficult the counter politics are. democrats nees to raise money too, and need to  win against well funded opponents. but we're also trying to solve mutliple problems, like stimulating the economy in the short term and figuring out how to pay public investments. those short term needs have merrits, and they are deliberately made difficult to pay for by GOP strategy surrounding debt and taxes. its in that context that things like Chained CPI look attractive.  

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