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View Diary: Eric Holder: President may legally kill Americans on American Soil (198 comments)

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  •  The police are watching (3+ / 0-)

    the person threaten to harm people in REAL time, not exactly the same thing.

    To be analogous, the police could legally shoot a person dead based on the unsworn evidence of a third party that they had hurt someone, or might hurt someone in the future. Also, the police would suffer no consequence from killing innocent people around their target, up to and including killing/wounding paramedics who responded to the shooting (which is what we are doing when we "double tap" with drones).

    I think we can agree that the 9/11 scenario is defensible, but what about the Pearl Harbor scenario?

    •  In my opinion Holder (4+ / 0-)

      mentioned Pearl Harbor as merely an example of an exigent circumstance. An emergency. I think you are taking that example too literally.

      The bottom line is that there could be occasions in which citizens are killed in order to save the lives of other citizens. And since somebody has to make the difficult call, who better than the democratically elected executive of the republic?

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