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View Diary: Former Head of DEA, DHS defends inability to tell toilet paper from shower curtains. (105 comments)

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  •  That's a little finicky, isn't it? (11+ / 0-)

    When that same US Government has turned treaties like the Geneva Conventions and at least two articles of the Bill of Rights into so much Kleenex?

    More civil disobedience, less legalism.

    •  I'm not sure what the process is called (6+ / 0-)

      but the U.S. needs to withdraw from the UN treaties relating to drugs that apparently were instigated through U.S. influence.

      Which is worse, personal drug use, especially marijuana, OR the prohibition that makes criminals enterprises thrive? The drug's effects, or the legal penalties for using them, death in some countries?

      Why do we permit laws to be made that are not based on real science, that are, in effect, LIES?

      No answers needed to the above. Everyone here already knows the answers, and then some.

      Here's a recent article showing pressures to fight against the people's initiatives in U.S. states:
      Relaxation of US cannabis laws 'violates UN drug conventions'

      I don't think it's a good idea to point to our violations of the Geneva Conventions and other treaties, as an excuse to ignore the drug treaties. We have already gone way too far down that road. It certainly points out our hypocrisy in respecting the Law of the Land, however.

      All treaties must be respected, or we must leave the agreements. I vote for the latter, and soon, as hard as it may be. In the meantime, the will of the people must prevail, and along with other evidence such as the lack of credible science, be used to argue against and withdraw from the drug treaties, or alter them drastically.

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