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View Diary: The War on Drugs Won't Go Quietly, So Let's Get Loud (9 comments)

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    I was bracing for a tornado and I got a zephyr.
    This is all very reasonable and mostly not rude.
    I avoid conclaves like that because polite is not part of my toolbox when I get wound up.
    And nothing winds me up like authoritarian pigs going off on bullsh!t.
    The Steadman illustration alludes to my debate mindset, Bull Goose Looney with random lashing-out on the side.
    And unfortunately, I have to point out that it is NOT just Republicans (though the "Conservative" contingent is a huge block in the road) but this administration is bucking the trend of history. Inexplicably, Holder's DoJ has gone out of it's way to harass potsmokers, even where the states have decriminalized/medicalized or even legalized. (One of the few places where I am disappointed with Obama and Co.)
    That Trillion dollars that has been wasted since Nixon launched the War on Drug users, has built up a constituency for criminalization that are getting fat on that money. From private prisons and prison guard unions to "Re-hab" scams to trial lawyers and police departments, Drug dealers, legal and illegal, lots of people are making their living from this travesty and it's also cost us millions of ruined lives, shredded any respect for government (they demonstrably lied to us), a large part of every generation since the baby boomers first toked live as outlaws, shredded the Constitution, militarized our streets, drove the escalation of armament on those streets to where slaughter weapons are a baseline, put billions of dollars in the hands of criminal cartels that are powerful enough to destabilize several South and Central American countries, touched off a war in northern Mexico that has claimed 40 000 lives.
    And forty years in, drug quality has increased, availability has proliferated, practically saturated, adjusted for inflation, cocaine is cheaper now than before the WoDu...
    By every measure, the War on Drug users has been a TOTAL FAILURE and every one of the drug warriors is a complete fu(kup.
    And that's being as polite as I can muster.

    If I ran this circus, things would be DIFFERENT!

    by CwV on Wed Mar 06, 2013 at 06:44:11 AM PST

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