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    about his service in the JDF, and the domestic struggle you related, I felt like I was seeing the same bad old movie again, this time from the outside. But whatever his problems they are just that, his problems.

    Your responsibility is to yourself. What you've gone through is all too common, and yet so many sit and suffer with their experiences alone. Please try some sort of support group. Finding out how commonplace, and how not your fault, or even his, really, the whole sad tale is can take a burden off your shoulders.

    Please vote for Purple Mountain Institute to win a booth in the Netroots Nation13 Hall Contest

    by DaNang65 on Wed Mar 06, 2013 at 02:00:33 PM PST

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      Thanks for your suggestion. My I first blogged about this in the midst of the abuse I was floored by how many women said they had experienced the same things. It is shocking how we are mistreated and how we mistreat ourselves by keeping silent, some degree of shame for being abused. My intention is to volunteer with a domestic abuse center. I feel the need to reach out and help, that that is how I will continue to keep that burden off my shoulders. Thank you for your words.

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