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View Diary: Zimmerman waives Stand Your Ground hearing in Trayvon Martin case (201 comments)

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  •  It is kind of double (3+ / 0-)

    As more information has become available, I've been amazed at how well her statements hold up.

    She was backed up with a very important statement by w11.

    Dee Dee describes the beginning of the altercation with Trayvon asking GZ " what are you following me for?" then she heard GZ say "what are you doing here?". Then she heard what she thinks was the beginning of the physical altercation.

    This is what w11 said in her statement to Serino and Singleton.

    Witness 11: it was just yelling. Like, "What are you doing... What are you..." kinda like that.
    Singleton: Going back and forth?
    Witness 11: Yeah.
    Singleton: About how long?
    Witness 11: Not long. I mean maybe like three things like that.
    Serino: Three exchanges. Three volleys.
    Witness 11: And then it just started scuffling, like rolling around on the cement, on the sidewalk.

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