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  •  Please accept my condolences (26+ / 0-)

    and know, too, that your diary has been a great help to me personally.

    For the last few months, we have been trembling right on the edge with our own beloved pet: Elmo,  my user namesake, whose picture it is in my user profile.

    He's 14 years old, mostly blind, and has begun to develop dementia.  He doesn't sleep well at night which is a real problem for us...because he sleeps in our bed. He has gotten increasingly finicky about what he will eat, and has been losing weight. It seems every few days I have to find something new to tempt his appetite: right now, he's eating a specially made salmon loaf but he might not eat that tomorrow.

    When we are forced into a decision, as you were, it will be a real comfort to know that we don't have to bring him into the vet for euthanasia. He hates it there.

    •  Thank You for the Kind Thoughts (15+ / 0-)

      And as to your present situation with Elmo: You will know when the time is right. If you have the choice of home euthanasia, I can't recommend it enough. Make sure you talk with this special caregiver at length; they must be compassionate to the pet's special need for mercy as well as to the caregivers' need for comfort and closure.

      Our kitty's vet recommended the service we ultimately used, and it was just what we needed. This isn't how we wanted our time with Felix to end-- we wanted so much more time with this dear cat!!-- but it was a good, gentle departure, and I will be forever grateful to this veterinarian.

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    •  You may not have to make the decision (4+ / 0-)


      I had a border collie that was just my life.  I took her to Australia and back.

      I bought her a sheep farm.

      But she got old, and it was hard for her to get about.  Her eyesight was going. She had a couple of illnesses that, while serious, she recuperated from - a little more frail each time.

      She ended up 19 years old.  And yet every day, she got up, went and yelled at the younger whipper-snapper dogs so they knew their place, did a waddle around the perimeter of the yard, and then went to lie in her favorite sunny spot.

      She moved with such determination, but with such obvious difficulty, I didn't know what to do.  But she still seemed to enjoy being around everyone.  She didn't have to move so much.  It was her choice.

      So I thought once she had a problem doing her circuit of the yard, then I would have to face the decision.

      But she spared me.  One day was very much like the one before, but she went to sleep, and never woke up.

      It was her time.

      So I buried her in the field with my favorite sheep, so she will have them always.

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