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  •  this has been clear for years - finally realized (16+ / 0-)

    we now know more, but the outline of the story is old news

    like the diary today on the REC list about the lies leading up to Iraq

    here is what is going on RIGHT NOW

    if the pentagon papers had been released in recent years, Daniel Ellsberg would not be a hero, but in jail for life.

    here is how the administration is covering up their military crimes that were given to the world by Bradley Manning

    •  I do remember in the early years of the war (4+ / 0-)

      reading about Rumsfeld initiating a "Central America"-style death squad operation in Iraq. Not only is it evil and immoral, it's counterproductive.

      But then, strategy was never a strong point for the Bush team when it came to Iraq and Afghanistan...

       State had volumes of material that would have been useful if they had any interest in actually stabilizing the country. S Defense wasn't interested. Securing the oil fields and using Bremer's office to set up their ideal "free market" (for Western corporations anyway) was more important.

      When things were a bit messier than they'd planned for, they used the most brutal of methods in response. Use of chemical weapons (white phosphorus), death squads, torture, etc. Then there were the mercenaries we sent there, pretty much accountable to nobody, and thus free to fuck things up as they wished. And the corrupt contractors.
      On and on and on.

      It still makes me so angry. Those people have suffered NO repercussions for the evil they facilitated, the damage they did to both Iraq and the US. I think we'll be paying for that damage for a long time, and I don't mean just the trillion or so dollars they racked up.

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