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View Diary: China’s Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution – The Origins of Ultra-Left Ultra-Violence (pt. 1) (113 comments)

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    Old Lefty, glorificus

    I didn't argue that China's bureaucracy was "efficient" and I'm not saying it's a democracy.

    But "totalitarian" has a very specific definition and it doesn't fit China today. I would agree it's authoritarian, and in economic matters also exactly what the government says it is, which is a socialist market economy, with comprehensive economic planning, public ownership of all land and the "commanding heights" of the economy, and a vast array of cooperatives.

    Politically it's much more open than is portrayed in the West.  In evaluating one party states, we need to look at how much democracy there is within that one party. I remember reading a NY Times article about Tanzania when it was a one party state and how more members of parliament were tossed out of office through intra-party elections than in the US Congress.

    But as I said above in terms of speech, there are red lines you cannot cross.

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