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View Diary: Cancer Treatment Centers of America: Misleading statistics and big money for tea party groups (156 comments)

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    Although not a hard and fast rule but more a good rule of thumb, when you see the word "holisitic" in reference to medical treatment, the BS meter should start twitching. Add in references to "complementary" and/or "alternative" treatments and the meter should be well in the red zone.

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      Holistic isn't necessarily a bad thing.  I take a very holistic approach to lawn and garden care, with the consequence that I have green grass in February (and it isn't unnatural, just what an organically fed and well-maintained lawn will do).  The gardens burst with life, plant and animal and insect.

      When a treatment center says "holistic" and they're for-profit, you can pretty much assume you're about to get charged for telling you to eat well.

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      by Lonely Liberal in PA on Sat Mar 09, 2013 at 07:48:17 PM PST

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