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View Diary: House climate change hearing called off due to bad weather (27 comments)

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    TBH, I try not to be as hard on the doomers; most of the average Joes and Janes amongst them are okay people, I think; they've just been used, and the same also goes for many of their figureheads as well.

    But I think most of us can agree on one thing; sadly, most of the deniers are pretty much in the pay of the Establishment; they are unwilling to let the facts & assorted data stand in the way of Big Oil's profits.....after all, why else did biofuels and other renewables have such substantial trouble taking off?

    Big Oil basically had them silenced and suppressed(might also be part of the reason why Jimmy Carter got screwed outta his second term!) while the denier talking heads kept using excuses like "The economy would DIIIIEEE!!!1!one!11one!" or trotting out the Jevons' Paradox and other wacko ideas, anything to stop us from reducing fossil fuel consumption and to get the economy going again.....

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