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View Diary: So it turns out a talking filibuster is actually pretty darn good idea after all (115 comments)

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  •  McCarthy and his list were disturbing (6+ / 0-)

    How much more so when government has the ability to stuff a collateral-damage-free bomb down the chimneys of unconvicted "enemies" of the state?  The president, the CIA, the Justice Department, the Pentagon?  None of them should have the power to make decisions regarding the disposition of American citizens.  That's why we have courts.  

    Last time a president used his discretionary powers to decide on a large scale who might be dangerous to the state, a whole lot of Japanese Americans ended up in camps.  I don't trust any of those bastards (presidents, I mean, not Japanese Americans).  

    The wisdom of my forebears ... Two wise people will never agree. Man begins in dust and ends in dust — meanwhile it's good to drink some vodka. A man studies until he's seventy and dies a fool.

    by Not A Bot on Wed Mar 06, 2013 at 02:19:26 PM PST

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