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View Diary: "Holder: Big banks' size complicates prosecution efforts" (21 comments)

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    HarpboyAK, Dburn

    But maybe they're too big to break up, right Eric?

    Just like "the war criminals are too powerful to prosecute," right Eric?

    Poor Eric. He's in over his head.

    The days of separation of government from Big Business are gone.

    Eric, just come clean and say it. Just say that you're just not powerful enough to take on these kinds of challenges.

    You can do marijuana busts just fine. You can make examples of what can happen to individual criminals. You can showcase prosecutions every once in a while.

    But the big jobs?

    Eh... Eric's schedule is all booked up. He's got to speak at a convention, can't be bothered by annoying questions.

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