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  •  Point-by-point refutation (12+ / 0-)
    Because the criticisms of Obama... (0+ / 0-)

    ...ignores the REALITY of Republican obstructionism.

    No, that's wrong.  Practically all of the critics of Obama have pointed out the complete backwards of the Republican approach.  What they are against is the meme that Obama is somehow a leftist, or even a liberal or moderate, or in some eleventy-dimensional chess way "our friend."
    "He should fix it! Not cave!"

    And how does he do it without Congressional support?


    This isn't some sort of practical problem wherein Obama, being of pure heart and Democratic Party mind, saves the world from Republican obstructionism.  It's an interrogation of what Obama really wants -- which turns out to be the sequester, the Grand Bargain, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, an expansion of the Bush/Cheney war on the world, and so on.  But you'd actually have to read the comments of Obama critics here at Kos to know that.
    Will that get government functioning again, since the Republicans still own the house and won't move?

    "They won't move anyway!"

    The Republicans do not control 2/3 of both houses of Congress, and are not united in everything.  There would be enough resistance in Congress to block practically everything they wanted to do, if the majority party cared enough to resist.  It's this last clause that's lacking.  If there was real Democratic Party resistance to Republican rule, and not (for instance) 3/4 of the Progressive Caucus going AWOL amidst a call to defend Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare, you'd probably see a difference.
    So what are you suggesting?  How does he get around the House altogether?


    "He shouldn't cave!"

    Once upon a time the Democratic Party actually controlled the House, and so ostensibly it wasn't something to be "gotten around."  The primary achievement of that Congress appears to have been a health insurance bill which does not rein in costs and which was largely the brainchild of the Heritage Foundation and of Mitt Romney's tenure as governor of Massachusetts.

    Someday the Democratic Party may actually control the House once again.  But it won't be important unless the public can actually bring itself to demand a politics of real solutions, i.e. a left-wing politics, and unless government can be made to enact this left-wing politics and not buy the lame excuses (e.g. "Republican obstructionism") our politicians proffer as their own excuses for selling out.  

    "There's nothing heroic about earning profit." -Odo, from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

    by Cassiodorus on Wed Mar 06, 2013 at 03:58:38 PM PST

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