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  •  What was shocking was the answer (2+ / 0-)
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    hotheadCA, just another vet

    Of course they shouldn't have had to ask. But they did ask, and as they suspected, the answer was "Well, yes, actually, we've thought about that and we're sure we have the right to do that too -- just trust us not to do it very often."

    And Holder's answer was the Bushian, Nixonian one: If the President orders it, and we have properly papered the file, then no, it's not illegal.

    I thought that by electing a Constitutional law professor, trained by Larry Tribe at Harvard (a genuine liberal/civil libertarian), we would no longer be in Cheney-land. But alas, the same illness has infected Obama and Holder.

    I'm thoroughly disgusted, and am glad Rand Paul is making a big stink about it. Someone has to.

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