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  •  What about usine drones to take real time (1+ / 0-)
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    photos of natural disasters or other things which can be seen from the air better than from the ground, no weapons, just cameras, which means that the lives of pilots and photographers are not at risk if the dad blamed gadget is knocked out of the air somehow - people on the ground are equally at risk either way. Is that also a no no?

    •  The objection that people have to surveillance (1+ / 0-)
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      just another vet

      drones comes from the 4th Amendment search perspective. Personally, I feel the government should have to get a warrant before it sends a drone up to spy on you in your back yard.  But do we really have a legitimate expectation of privacy in our fenced back yards when Google is up there taking pictures of it already? I was shocked when I found out that the Google map of our address clearly showed the two pool loungers next to our pool. Good thing none of us happened to be out there sunning ourselves next to the pool au naturale when Google did their mapping.

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