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View Diary: The Grieving Room: Five Years since....what I miss about those years. (55 comments)

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  •  Yes, I suspect that some people feel very (7+ / 0-)

    compelled to show you(especially after a few years),that they have "moved on" or "gotten over the grief", to assist  with you "moving on" too.  They do not want to adknowledge(because its painful) that there is no "moving on", there is just moving through and forward but never "over".  Then, what happens with these people is that every time you want to share a memory, a feeling of loss or just have a moment of active grieving they become fearful (of that pain) and jump to the easier thought that you are still holding on in some unhealthy way and thus push harder to not allow that sharing-actually thinking they are helping by not accepting the pain that comes the love you are trying to express at that moment.

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