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View Diary: ACLU Begins Comprehensive Investigation Into Emerging Police State In America (149 comments)

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    elwior, eOz

    But it's pathetic that we have to depend on the ACLU to do this. This is the job of our elected officials. Members of Congress have been particularly slack in this regard, but President Obama gets a lot of blame for this. It's not like he can claim to not know what the law (i.e., the Constitution) says about these issues.

    And Eric Holder? Worse than pathetic. He actually said that "due process isn't judicial process". Could anyone be more clueless about our rights?

    I suspect we'll find that Eric Holder has been the worst Attorney General ever. Not only has he turned a blind eye to criminal banking, but he's presided over the build out of the Bush Dictatorship, and he's done effectively nothing to stop election fraud.

    President Obama needs to repudiate the Bush Dictatorship. He needs to fix the problems not just with the drone program, but with illegal searches, spying on Americans, indefinite detentions and the rest of the criminality. And, he needs to put at least some of the Bush war criminals on trial so that future members of our government aren't tempted to repeat the torture and wars of aggression we saw out of that administration.

    Maybe a little prodding from the ACLU will get him to begin to think about the issue.

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