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  •  Pakistan at the very beginning barred airstrikes (0+ / 0-)

    Way back in 2001 when the US was preparing to go into Afghanistan our government was of course putting the pressure on Pakistan for overflight rights and other supporting needs. Right from this beginning point Pakistan made it known that she would not tolerate airstrikes by the USAF/USN inside Pakistani territory. That would be seen as an inability by Pakistan to protect its own airspace and/or evidence of a failed nation. I remember bits of this story appearing on the news.

    But that was when the drone concept was just getting rolling. Originally drones were used 100% of the time for recon. Pakistan was willing to allow these stealthy things to take pictures.

    It was only later that they were retrofitted with some missile capability. So Pakistan was sort of like the frog in the pot of heating water. Drones shifted gradually from spy planes to weapons. However Pakistan could have told the US to stop using drones at any point. So it is hard to conclude anything other than Pakistan wants the drones there too. Or at least prefers them there to the political fallout from denying them.

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