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  •  There's nothing else to see as it's often dead (6+ / 0-)

    except late at night as it is the cruise bar of last resort of an evening.

    There is one other thing to see though: the men's room. Now, I may be from Boston, but I lived in the South for half my life. One thing I've noticed is that on the whole, Southern queens are dirty birds and in a good way. There's one bar in Houston who's men's room consists of stainless steel troughs on three sides with slightly tilted down mirrors running the length of the top, the room lit only by a couple of black lights. That would never do in Boston, oh no. There's some royally uptight queens, the Boston crowd, and the men's room at the Eagle can be seen from the front door of the bar. Open that door and there's a urinal, right there, not two feet inside that door. The queens take turns going in there one at a time. Having recently moved back from the South, that really gave me a tickle.

    Boston, I have decided, is one of the worst cities in America to be gay in not because it's not tolerant--it is, supremely--but because I just don't care for the attitude of the gay people I meet there.

    What is truth? -- Pontius Pilate

    by commonmass on Tue Apr 16, 2013 at 08:16:13 AM PDT

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