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View Diary: McCain hates Rand Paul's real filibuster (146 comments)

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  •  Well, you shouldn't complain about Obama meeting (0+ / 0-)

    with old Republicans, at least he hasn't decided on coronating them as saviors of our civil liberties. Funny thing about Rand Paul...he is really so keen against the civil liberties of individuals who have benefited from the Voting Rights Act. Yet, he, and apparently you, are concerned that Barack Obama will take his big bad drones and, according to Paul:

    “What we’re talking about is you’re eating dinner in your house. you’re eating at a cafe or you’re walking down the road. That’s when these drone strikes can occur.”
    •  Quite the contrary. (5+ / 0-)

      You have me all wrong. I support the drone program and have no problem giving the president the power to kill anyone on earth should he decide it is appropriate. My view is that all presidents already have this power and that they should have it.

      To me it doesn't make much difference if its a drone or a Marine or an FBI agent. Same shit. Lethal force is lethal force and clearly the president has unlimited power to use force as lethal as he chooses. It is up to Congress and the people to check this power if they don't like it and that is what Rand Paul is doing.

      If Congress doesn't like the way the President exercises this power, they can stop paying for it. Or, they can remove him from power via impeachment. I suppose this power only stops at other elected officials. So, I don't think the president has the power to drone strike Congress or the Supreme Court. But anyone else in the world is perfectly fair game in my view.

      My support for Paul has nothing to do with the substance of the argument, but everything to do with supporting real filibustering. For that, he deserves great compliments. As I complimented Bernie Sanders when he did it.

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