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View Diary: McCain hates Rand Paul's real filibuster (146 comments)

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  •  this could be more serious than just (2+ / 0-)
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    a spat over insider Senate rules regarding the filibuster. McCain't and his wannabee Bobbsey twin, Lindsay Graham, actually chastised Paul not just for what they considered a misuse of the filibuster, but on policy, too.
    Graham was particularly harsh in saying he considered Paul to be ill-informed on the entire drone policy.

    Could U.S. drone policy become yet another crack in the series of fissures that are bedeviling the Republican party of late? Stay tuned.

    My guess is that the neocon wing of the Republican Party (you know...the guys who want to shoot first and ask questions later in places all over the George Walker Bush did) particularly dyspeptic over Rand Paul raising the matter of civil liberties. They are the last people on the planet that want the Republicans to be talking about things like that.

    The larger question, at least to me, is exactly how large is this fissure in the Republican Party over a major national security matter and how big might it become?

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