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  •  there IS no credible terrorist threat facing the (4+ / 0-)

    United States. There never has been.

    We have the most powerful military that has ever existed in all the 200,000 year history of the human species. Our military now is BIGGER than it was when we faced the second-largest nation on earth with 70,000 multi-megaton thermonuclear weapons capable of wiping out all of human civilization in less than an hour. The very IDEA that "terrorists omigod !!!!" represent any realistic threat to the US (any more than lightning strikes or bee stings or bathtub falls do--all of which kill more Americans every year than terrorists do) is simply idiotic.

    It is all just an excuse for both parties to embrace the neocon doctrine of a permanent war and a permanent national-security state. And that road ALWAYS leads to the same place.  As it will for us. We are not exceptional.

    •  There was one big credible threat of a terrorist (2+ / 0-)
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      Jim Domenico, JesseCW

      attack, but Bush 2's administration ignored it.

      But you're right. since 9/11, there has been no significant terrorist to the US. The War on Terror that Obama continues to pursue with his drones is pointless. The military now has armed drones, and it uses them simply because it can.

      American exceptionalism is America's road to perdition.

      by Alexandre on Thu Mar 07, 2013 at 02:48:58 PM PST

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      •  9-11 was no threat to us (5+ / 0-)

        It killed a lot of innocent people and it wasn't a very nice thing to do, but it was no realistic threat to the US--militarily, existentially or otherwise.

        Car accidents kill more people in a month than 9-11 killed. Heck, the revenge war we waged in response to it killed more Americans than the terrorist attack did.

        As a society, we over-reacted, lost our minds, and did far more damage to our own country (perhaps irrevocably) than Bin Laden could ever have hoped to do.

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