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  •  Actually, this is a pefect example of waste (1+ / 0-)
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    No, if you are flying military aircraft you are supposed to be serving your country, serving your fellow citizen.

    When I was in the Navy in the 1980s, I served on a steam boiler powered ship. The fire rooms on those ships were routinely at 90 degrees or more heat.  When we went to sea in the summer in the Mediterranean, the water would be so warm, it couldn't cool very well, so it would be even hotter and we'd have to go on heat stress shifts. The desalinators we had routinely broke down, so fresh water was a premium, we'd go for days without showers.

    And you know what? We lived with it. We didn't demand the very best technology money can buy. We put our lives on the line serving the people of the United States because it was the right thing to do, because we loved our country and its people. Yes, it was a job too, but it is SERVICE to one's country. And the fact is, we had it 100X better than those before us.

    Yes, there are still good people in the military, but without the draft and with the military industrial complex firmly entrenched, the diarist is exactly correct. We don't need to spend more $$ than the next 15 countries combined. We don't need to have bases all over the place. And we don't need to build fighters that have every technological feature imaginable, or send in 100 of them into battle when 30 would do.

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    by absdoggy on Fri Mar 08, 2013 at 07:03:14 AM PST

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