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  •  Kos, you're overthinking this. (0+ / 0-)

    There are but 3 main forms of republicans/conservatives.

    1. Establishment Republicans/Fiscal conservatives
    Made up of  "Neocons" and "Corporate Cons".
    Also the main opponent of environmentalism. Socially moderate.
    Roughly 50% of republicans.

    2. Libertarians
    Same as kos described, but allied with establishment.
    Socially more liberal than #1 but more fiscally conservative.
    About 8% of Republicans.

    3. Theocrats
    "Theocons" and "paleocons" and "teabaggers".
    As fiscally conservative as #1 but very socially conservative.
    Hates #2 and #1.
    42% of Republicans.

    Currently #2 and #1 are fighting #3 in the GOP civil war. I'm not sure which group will win. Besides, of course, Democrats.

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