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View Diary: Blue Texas? What the National Media is STILL missing (158 comments)

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  •  this is great news...but... (0+ / 0-)

    (there's always a but, isn't there?)...while this particular kossack and former citizen of Texas wants to hope and believe what you are saying is going to come true someday, we actually need to see some real success in order to provide any evidence that this is on the verge of happening anytime soon.

    Unfortunately, there is no evidence, except for some of the demographic trends in some of the more urban areas you've noted, that the rest of Texas will be helping that state elect any members of the blue team to statewide office anytime soon. We may be inching forward, but we will need a lot more momentum to make that dream come true.

    When Texas finally gets around to elected a Democrat to statewide office (it's been a long, long time)...then there will be some concrete movement forward.

    Thanks for clarifying the truth on the ground, though. It appears, based on your analysis, that it's not anywhere near as hopeless and some may think.

    ( time living in Texas was way back in the early 1980's...and they were talking about the inevitable effects of long-range demographic trends favoriing...Democrats...way back then. In the meantime, Republicans have, somehow, been able to find ways to combat those long-term demographic trends to their advantage. (Likely based on their ability to scare the crap out of enough Hispanics who might otherwise do so...from actually getting out and voting....)

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