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View Diary: Rand Paul's Disengenuous Fillibuster Stunt Has Some Progressives Swooning (94 comments)

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  •  In a way i'm glad all the security noms are now (2+ / 0-)
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    NedSparks, AnnieR

    dealt with, i couldn't take too much more GOP bloviating, whether it's Paul,McCain,Graham,Ayotte,Cruz.

    •  Well, Paul has become the protector of civil (4+ / 0-)
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      second gen, AnnieR, grover, Larsstephens

      civil liberties.... Chuckle worthy....

    •  Me neither (7+ / 0-)

      No American has, will, or ever will be killed on American soil by a drone strike. That's called a NON-issue. It was a stunt, empty theater, sound and fury signifying nothing.

      The White House should not have dignified this silly claptrap by responding, any more than they should respond to a filibuster on any other made-up issue. What's next? "THE WHITE HOUSE REFUSES TO RULE OUT BANNING SUMMER ICE CREAM SALES -- WHY WILL OBAMA NOT RESPOND???"

      I can't believe (some) Democrats and progressives are falling for this utter foolishness.

      •  Of course they will (1+ / 0-)
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        as soon as the next civil war rolls around.

        You need some sense of history - and I mean real history, not just 250 years.

      •  Statist Anti-freedom Apologist (0+ / 0-)

        Yup, DefiantOne is just another liberal Statist Anti-freedom Apologist

        See: Study finds "liberals" more likely to favor targeted killings once they know it’s Obama's policy:

        Obama has already excuted a U.S. citizen's abroad (Anwar al-Awlaki). The foreign-murder statute states that an American who kills an American outside of the United States is guilty of murder.  Not political murder.  Not figurative murder.  Legal murder.

        Just as President George W. Bush insisted his Magic Scepter of Inherent Authority let him ignore federal laws against torture, DefiantOne seems to believe “that Obama has authority as commander in chief to ignore the foreign-murder statute.”

        Of course there's no such thing as a slippy slope, a gradual and progressive loss of freedom. People like DefiantOne "know" it'll never happen here.  

        In the past, people like DefiantOne supported Hitler too -- before the state turned into a killing machine, but DefiantOne is far more concerned about 'his guy' in the White House getting as much power as possible. Freedom? That's just a word in the dictionary.

        You're a real man of principle DefiantOne.

        •  CharterofDreams is a bloviating dummy (1+ / 0-)
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          In the past, my family fought tyranny and fascism, because we were descended from American slaves and understood the consequences of appeasing the hatred of people like Rand Paul and Adolf Hitler.

          We continued fighting hatred by any means necessary in the South during the 60s, while lump-headed hippies like ChartersofDreams were too busy boning each other and doing drugs in Height-Ashbury.

          While people like me -- the grandfathers and grand-uncles who helped raised me -- were storming the beaches of Normandy, bombastic tools like ChartersofDreams were busy wondering why we weren't asking the Germans for their citizenship papers before firing.

          ChartersofDreams stands with terrorists Anwar al-Awlaki and women-hating homophobes like Rand Paul: hater of gays and women...just like Hitler. Gullible fools like ChartersofDreams should be ignored.

          •  The fool never sees himself (0+ / 0-)

            "Gullible fools like ChartersofDreams should be ignored."

            If your goal is to ignore me, than -- FAIL!

            While you're resting on the laurels of ancestors who actually did something to make the world a better place, you've apparently mis-placed your neo-cortex. Jesselyn Radack, in her "Droning Americans on US Soil: Why Holder's "No" is Not Reassuring" displays the behavior of a human w/an awake and engaged brain.

            Pro BIG GOVERNMENT and BIG WAR, You're advocating a mass march down the road to serfdom, but you're too dumb to really lead, so here's a roadmap for ya

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