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View Diary: Rand Paul's Disengenuous Fillibuster Stunt Has Some Progressives Swooning (94 comments)

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  •  This little dust up is the reason why the (4+ / 0-)
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    administration and Dems in general should stick to politically expedient one word answers even if it gives a false impression.  Paul and the rest of the 'concernerati' seem very pleased with Holder's latest response but what exactly does 'not engaged in combat' mean?

    So in a 9/11 type situation where citizens are hostages to non-citizens engaged in a terrorist act, does the president have the authority to use a drone to take down that plane and in the process kill citizens?  He clearly does but if it makes everyone happy to believe otherwise I say go for it.

    With very little effort you could come up with an infinite numbers of similar cases, so the only 'winner' in this is Rand Paul who successfully duped liberals (unfortunately the usual set) into believing that his rant, about the possibility that rich white men may be killed while dining at their favorite restaurant, is somehow noble.  Hurray for Dr Rand 'MLK' Paul.

    Why rich white men? His voting record shows that he doesn't give a shit about anyone else.

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