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View Diary: BREAKING: MI-Sen: Carl Levin to retire! (60 comments)

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    When I think "conservadems", they tend to be people who were in elected office prior to Obama being sworn in as POTUS, with Ben Nelson, Heath Shuler and Lieberman being the worst offenders (notably, ppl on the way out, not in), Mary Landrieu to some degree.

    I say name 2 b/c I can think of one horrible new addition, Manchin, although he's slightly less bad than I feared (you see a guy literally shooting a climate law in his commercials and its not exactly a cause for hope).  

    Is there some massive group of Dems who were elected due to Obama's assistance that have become horrific conservadems?  Heck, I'd actually say that Levin was on my list b/c his opposition to filibuster reform made EVERYTHING else much much harder, and he well proceeds Obama.

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