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View Diary: The Irresponsible Gun Owners Act (32 comments)

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  •  Everybody always throws cars into it (0+ / 0-)

    When guns are regulated as closely as cars, call me.

    You CAN lose your license for life.

    How is this a 4th Amendment violation? Every action I outline would be something where you invited police attention by your own negligence.

    If you shoot yourself in the leg or shoot someone else, the police are involved. If your kid brings a gun to school, the police are involved. If your kids shoots himself or another kid, the police are involved. If you drop your gun at a restaurant, leave it in a public bathroom, or brandish it menacingly, the police are involved.

    If your "dog shoots you", the police are involved.

    The point is, you have demonstrated that you cannot handle a firearm responsibly, and therefore should not be allowed to own or possess one.

    How is this law in any way unfair?

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