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View Diary: Islamaphobic crackpot accuses CPAC crackpots of 'enforcing the Sharia' because she's a crackpot (56 comments)

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    What I find rich is that these crackpots cry about Sharia law while at the same time promoting laws that are indistinguishable.  For instance I cannot, after a hard nights work, go to a bar.  In some states I was not allowed to order a Guinness and scotch to make a carbomb.  I have been states where the parental control in usurped and parent can't order wine for their kids.

    We can't shop on Sunday Morning.  We can't build strip clubs next to churches.  Women are being murdered by the church industrial complex.  When will it end?

    About the only reason I can see that these religious crazy people are afraid of Sharia law is that it might impede their ability to fornicate at will.  If Pailin has sex with a basketball team, that would be frowned upon.  While Gingrich's polygamy might be ok, his serial adultery would certainly not be.

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