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View Diary: ACORN Defamer James O’Keefe Must Pay $100K to Aggrieved Employee (10 comments)

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    I believe he is more wannabe than an accepted and "getting a piece of the pie" insider.  He has legal bills and it's been awhile since he's had any identifiable income or solid affiliation with any RW group that would generate money.  I think.  At least he's been out of the news.  After the 2012 losses Republican political donations must be harder to come by.  I'm sure he's at the bottom of people's list.  I could be totally wrong but I think he's become persona non gratis with the RW establishment and I'm guessing with the Tea Party also, having been discredited repeatedly. I'm thinking this is one more significant blow to his credibility and his finances.  Maybe.... $100K is a lot if you are still paying off college loans and haven't QUITE made it and are experiencing diminished income.  $100 K is a heavy burden.  Wish it were more but this is a good start.

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