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  •  Yes, NYC is all five boroughs (6+ / 0-)

    I didn't mean to imply that NY is an accent, but only that my southern accent doesn't encourage people not from NY to see me as a New Yorker. It doesn't encourage them to see me as Jew either . . . and you'd be surprised how many non-New Yorkers see Jews as people who have a Brooklyn accent.

    I did learn to walk much faster than my Southern roots had programmed me for.

    Sadly, I was rather snobby about the East Village, after living there almost 30 years. I called everything above 42nd Street "Upstate". But I was into the whole downtown poet/punk aesthetic, as were most of my friends. To earn my living, I worked in huge law firms near the World Trade Center, doing help desk and computer training. Had poor opinions of some of those uptown folks. I was 3 blocks from Ground Zero on THAT day.

    The weeks after 9/11 totally changed my heart about the different "sectors" of NYC. Everyone was in the parks, shrines were springing up everywhere, it just felt like everyone's heart was blown wide open and we were all connected in this fierce, beautiful way. I'll never forget that.

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