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  •  Not trying to fight, what do you think it means? (0+ / 0-)

    When I speak of self-awareness, I mean having the ability to recognize your own actions and how they affect those around you. A sub-definition would also be using intuition to predict actions you might want to take in order to keep the flow of things running smoothly.

    Since we've been talking about transit, here's an example. I'm on a packed subway car and standing near a set of doors. The train arrives at the station and people want to get off. Rather than just stand there and block the door, I will get off, let others get off, and then get back on myself.

    Now some people might simply call that common courtesy, but I consider it being self-aware enough that I might be in the way if I don't move.

    And I get frustrated will people who don't take the same approach. Maybe that attitude is selfish, but I consider it a lack of self-awareness.

    •  Self-awareness has to do with (2+ / 0-)
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      joanbrooker, a2nite

      knowing yourself and your own mind, and aligning your own behaviors to your own standards. It is not the practice of judging others by your personal standards.

      Don't get me wrong... being invisible is no doubt a useful skill in the city. But I don't think that expecting a city full of diverse people to be invisible too is reasonable. Or even desirable. If I lived in a city and found myself cheering outrageous and violent treatment of an elderly person because her gospel song disturbs my unreasonable expectations, I'd probably be self-aware enough to recognize it's time I made arrangements to live somewhere more... invisible.

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