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View Diary: Sorry, haters, but Minnesota's about to oppress your right to oppress people (35 comments)

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  •  The Star Trib has been using (4+ / 0-)

    Mason-Dixon lately for their "Minnesota Poll", so their numbers and "findings" should be taken with some salt. M-D used to be a decent, middle-of-the-pack pollster who has gone bad the last 4-5 years. They were awful at the national level in 2008 and worse last year. Why the Strib hired them (likely because they were the cheapest, and perhaps on the basis of the remnants of their old reputation) is beyond me.

    All that said, recall the fight over the marriage amendment (to make one man-one woman not only the law of Minnesota, which it already is, but to embed it in the Constitution) was, for the progressives, a defensive victory. The amendment's defeat preserved the status quo, and as many commentators here noted (including Senators Kobuchar and Franken) this "allowed the conversation to continue."
            I think this is/maybe was a good reading of the situation. The amendment likely STARTED plenty of conversations in many. many homes and coffee shops and diners and churches and indeed advanced it in many other places.
           However, to move from a defensive victory and more conversation to an actual gay marriage law is quite the pivot. Not saying it won't (or isn't) happening (I think it likely), but my take is that people in MN are getting used to the idea.
          I think they are moving steadily in a progressive direction, maybe just not quite as quickly as advocates hope. An equality bill may indeed pass this year (and Governor Dayton has said he will sign one into law) but don't be all that surprised if it takes one or two more years.
          Again, I think it will pass but I wonder if a lot of folks might be feeling a little rushed or pushed. I totally understand the anxiety and impatience of those who have worked and waited so long. I'm just saying be pleasantly persistent (on this one Minnesota Nice really counts) just a bit longer (maybe months; maybe weeks.)


    "God has given wine to gladden the hearts of people." Psalm 104:15

    by WineRev on Fri Mar 08, 2013 at 11:01:21 AM PST

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    •  One year after they're pushed (0+ / 0-)

      they won't care anymore. Ultimately, if the dems look like they are actually doing something, it'll be better than sitting on their hands. Dayton is already backing off of his bold tax plan. The dems need, more than anything, to look strong.

      I do not believe the poll is accurate - I can't see how support would have subsided since the vote at all. It's still close, but there's no way it's flipped.

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