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View Diary: Greece is for Greeks. Neo-Nazis: We will turn immigrants into soap (48 comments)

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    I'm not saying yeah or nay, except that Orban was the darling of the ECB set until he decided to go after foreign banks.  And rather than take Krugman's word for it (who I respect greatly as an economist and commentator on AMERICAN politics), I've been reading the Hungarian and Romanian papers for several years.  You get somewhat of a different perspective when you look for local information rather than the opinions of foreigners who have somewhat different interests and axes to grind.

    BTW, my month-long trip to Hungary and Romania was at least partly for the purpose of assessing the possibility of immigration.  I spent a good deal more effort learning how to buy toilet paper in convenience stores and whether I could tolerate the local foods, than sipping wine at four-star hotels.  And personally, I found Hungary far more congenial than more "westerner-friendly" (i.e., submissive to IMF demands) Romania.  The cell-phone clerks will take the time necessary to explain the ridiculous four-page provider contracts mandated by law, and aren't shy about critiquing said law.  The music is fantastic.  And the Hungarian police are at the same time absolutely punctilious in their duties, and wonderfully polite (we managed to accumulate a couple of tickets by being unaware of local customs).  They even smile.

    Of course, I will defer to your greater knowledge if you have actually been living there recently.

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      Day to day living is hardly politics. I have lived in Europe and there was main stream media discussion but, hardly any of it critical of the government. I am not saying I have greater knowledge than you of Huingary, I clearly do not, I just think it sometimes takes outside observers (as it often does here) to judge how a country is percieved on the world stage. When Hungarian scholars are concerned about the direction the government is taking (anti Semitism, supression of descent, etc) then I tend to listen.

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