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  •  Two lucky girls and maybe a third (1+ / 0-)
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    Yep, cell phones and boyfriends - that makes sense. But there are two lucky girls in this story - and maybe, I hope, a third. Your daughters have a great role model - someone who cares, and sets high standards for them. (I bet, even if this was a case where she was just trying to game the system, that she has a warm heart, and a lot of courage. And she'll make you very proud someday, when she's all grown up.)

    And the 3-year-old, I hope, will get help, and better parenting. Hoping for the best...

    •  Oh honey, I am proud of her now.... (1+ / 0-)
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      Laurel in CA

      She made a bad judgement call this evening and I am very proud of her most of the time  and told her later that I was sorry that her date had to be cancelled but she knew I  don't go back  on a decision regarding a house rule.  A family standard values rule.   She was eating popcorn and said she knew she was wrong and even admitted she was trying to be with her sweetie,, which I knew and she apologized.   He will come over Sunday so it was not so bad... She knew she blurted out in frustration in front of folks...and that is not how she was raised .. She admitted that tonight.   She does have a warm heart...and she is a teenager.....but I sincerely believe in consistency regarding discipline....  I don't want my 7 year old to bow up like that.   They are like sponges...

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