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View Diary: Sunday Puzzle 2013-03-10 (79 comments)

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    In addition to tonight's JulieCrostic, here are a few more puzzles.

    1. If you haven't already visited Sunday Puzzle Warm-Up, stop by when you have a chance. There's a JulieCrostic, a Crypto-Gremlin, and a bonus puzzle which the gremlins made. (Sunday Puzzle Warm-Up puzzles tend to be much easier than Sunday Puzzle puzzles and are suitable for individual solving.)

    2. At last week's potluck there was a One-Off puzzle which went unsolved. Here it is again:

    One-Offs: "Shopping List"

    I've taken something and changed one letter in each line. Then I've written a paraphrase of the altered line, taking care not to use any words from the original or altered lines in the paraphrase. The result is the shopping list you see below.

    The change might be the addition of a letter (bead becomes bread), the subtraction of a letter (bead becomes bad) or the substitution of a letter (bead becomes read).

    The number in parentheses at the end of each line tells how many words were in the line originally.

    1: impressionist painting costs a dollar (4)
    2: food to eat costs twice that (4)
    3: cost of having manuscript evaluated is as much as cost of painting and meal combined (4)
    4: plus, give Republicans enough for two of the lowest-priced whores (4)

    Have fun with the puzzles. I should be around for at least part of tonight's puzzle party.

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