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View Diary: Aaaand the First State to Authorize Guns in Classrooms Is.... (18 comments)

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    In my opinion the important message in this diary is not which state ordained teachers wielding metal in their classrooms. It's not even important how many states allow this. The important message in this diary is; teachers will be armed in public school classrooms. As a kindergarten teacher, please allow me to say I find this solution deplorable. I support gun control, background checks, banned assault weapons, 30 ct magazines and improved mental healthcare.  After a long day of wiping noses, tieing shoes, teaching reading, math, duty, parent meetings, tutoring and faculty meetings I really don't want to be toting a weapon. I don't want other faculty members, the administration, the custodian or a cafeteria lady carrying a weapon either. Perhaps, the answer is a police officer in each and every building. Sure, that worked at Columbine. There were two armed security officers there. VTech had their own campus police who were all armed. Surely, we can agree on gun control and armed guards. But, when they put all these officers in place don't come crying about how much they cost and who has to pay for them.

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