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View Diary: WYFP - It's been a long, cold, snowy Winter (112 comments)

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  •  Have you gotten your thyroid checked? (17+ / 0-)

    Hypothyroidism is one of those things that can cause you to feel colder than normal.  And it gets more common as we age.

    My mom, sister and I all seemed to have it happen around menopause.   Cold and tired were the first symptoms.

    Sounds like you've had a rotten week with all that is going on.  

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    by offred on Sat Mar 09, 2013 at 05:32:22 PM PST

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    •  I used to be hyperthyroid (14+ / 0-)

      and they irradiated it (which is one of the theories for where the seizures come from because I was in storm a couple of times). Now I'm normal or very slightly low. And they do check it routinely, yes. Plus I don't have the other symptoms of low thyroid. I haven't been exhausted, I've been if anything insomniac instead, my hair has actually stopped coming out as much as it used to, and I'm not gaining weight. Also my core body temp isn't low, or at least not any lower than normal. It feels more like getting the chills with a high fever, only without the fever. I suppose it could be a virus but I don't have any symptoms of that either.

      As I've been getting other signs of menopause coming to visit me, that actually makes the most sense. If it keeps up or other symptoms kick up I'll figure out something for a doctor's visit. But as I'm sans insurance right now and in a new neighborhood where I haven't figured out medical yet I'm not in a rush.

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      by FloridaSNMOM on Sat Mar 09, 2013 at 05:39:01 PM PST

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