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View Diary: Dkos Tour Series: The San Rafael Swell (That Should Be A National Monument) (51 comments)

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    I really enjoyed this diary and the comments made by others as well. I have worked for both the BLM and the Forest Service and did not see any great effort to preserve the lands that they oversee. The BLM around here caters to the cattle rancher and the forest service to the logging companies. It is discouraging. I also don't give much credit to the NPS, as they have allowed Yellowstone to become a tourist mecca. So, does a NM designation give more protection or less to an area? I do not know much about it and will try to investigate. It can't be much worse than the others. I really have felt these last four years, that Obama does not put the environment first, and I do not excuse him for that, but he is from the city and cannot possibly understand the passion we have for these areas. Several years ago, a gold mine was proposed not too far from where we live, and Bill Clinton stopped it. I was grateful to him for that and have always defended him, based on that intervention. I also feel that unless the Secretary of Interior draws attention to an area for designation, the President probably personally doesn't really even know it exists. Maybe the answer is to write to Michelle Obama - she seems to be a very passionate person about many positive issues. Anyway, thanks again for another great diary. I am intrigued by the area and hope I can see it soon. Please continue to advocate for these wilderness type designations. We can never give up or give in!

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      and I, like you, enjoy these comments on this particular diary. Not everyone is in agreement about how to go about protecting the Swell, and that's okay, too. I, myself, was eager to hear the outcome of letting private companies taken over some park management places. I even heard a rumor this sort of thing was going to happen at the Grand Canyon. Meanwhile, a national monument status does not carry the heavier weight of a national park, but it's a good start, that is, run by the NPS or by some private agency. A Wilderness status is even better, but then it's really a tight knit policy in effect, and of course, no vehicles and such are allowed. With a NM or NP status vehicles, except OTV's and the like, are allowed. Anyway, I like your idea of writing to Mrs. Obama, instead. Never thought of that and that might work. For now, something in the way of someone in charge of the Swell has got to be sanctioned. The BLM is simply not equipped to handle its role given its own interests and policies. That commentator who suggested the BLM serves at the behest of the American Cattleman's Association and/or mining interests may be correct. Sure seems as such. One thing's for certain: dialogues like these are necessary to move this issue forward. So far, it's either going backward or stalled out. The Swell needs protecting and I'm not endorsing anything else. Higher Brinks, or something like it, for all I care. But the president really should step up to the plate, as did Clinton a couple of times, and show some consideration for the outdoors, even if, as you pointed out, he's a city kid by way of his upbringing. As always, thanks for your lucid comments, wynative.

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