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  •  Do fish follow cameras? (7+ / 0-)

    That method sounds much like those procedures where doctors send cameras into places the sun don't shine to see if there's anything wrong with you. Sometimes you can talk them into giving you snapshots of the inside of your colon or bladder.

    •  there have been lots of cameras watching fish (9+ / 0-)

      follow, amazing to see a white shark cast this way and that casually following behind the towed seal lure, then disappear and wham!

      also trout, pike, gar, any fish would probably be interesting to watch.

      I am reminded of the last time I went fishing, heh, after being the summer camp fish provider once upon a time..

      I cast into the water near Vancouver Island over a mass of Salmon waiting for the creeks to rise, the bottom covered with their patience.

      When one, then 10, then 100 started following it right at me in those clear waters it made me panic and run up the bank like a little gurll, all those eyes coming right at me!! mom told me about watching a giant Northern Pike stalking/following her spoon in a river near the French River, she about 8. Then she fought to pull him up the rocky bank, but had to chase him when he got off the hook, she almost went in that rushing water, and he got away.

      Another time a wolf was following she and her brothers thru the woods ..they had heard pups over by the nearby cliffs..
          She flung the sting of bass caught at Beaver Dam lake at the wolf and they ran away down the trail...sometime in the 30's.
        I'm glad mom didn't see me panic and run away from the predatory attacking Salmon. It was like finding a spider if you are arachnophobic, I was overcome.

      But, lots of fish attack videos.

      Nowadays I could put a wireless security camera down by the water and see what or who was eating our bass we harbored there was a large snapper, uncle caught it by the tail and gave it transportation...back in the 50's.

      You could lower a waterproofish camera off your boat and see what's going on below.
          You may be surprised what's under you, I had a small white shark, 10' under my canoe once, also a Thresher Shark flapped his big tail next to me as he went after fish harboring in my the socal kelp beds. A camera would really be interesting out there...hmmm.

      With you it might be the otters :>

      This machine kills Fascists.

      by KenBee on Mon Mar 11, 2013 at 04:17:17 PM PDT

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      •  Sounds like those salmon were playing with you (7+ / 0-)

        They probably went back into deeper water going Har har har.

        But yah when we put things into the water to get a reaction out of wildlife, yes there's gonna be drama. Those attack videos are designed for that - entertainment. I can tell you, I have seen lots and lots of sharks over the years, diving, mostly nurse sharks and reef sharks, plus some others, and there's been only one time I felt threatened - that was when the folks in charge lowered a drum of fish parts, and 20 or so white tips spent an hour charging at it. Chumming brings in sharks to look scary (and they are dangerous then, in feeding mode). But all the other times I've seen them the sharks take off the other direction, like most wildlife when disturbed. For me it's a treat to see a shark, or any fish, under water.

        Sharks do sometimes go after swimmers and surfers on the surface because they are mistaken for seals. And some kinds of sharks are more agressive than others, but from what I've read there are not all that many totally unprovoked attacks. I've come face to face with oceanic white tips, which are considered one of the more dangerous sharks, I'm coming around a corner one way and it's coming the other, and we just veered around each other, and went on our ways.

        Underwater is their world, and I'm just a visitor. I try to be a good guest.

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