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View Diary: KY-Sen: Ashley Judd Very Close to Announcing Run for U.S. Senate per Huffington Post (22 comments)

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    The point is, it's not so much that Ashley Judd is a celebrity or that she's liberal but that she's authentic and can win over a lot of women voters in Kentucky, particularly noting that Judd herself was raped twice in her life and knows what real drama is like for women, particularly being a minority.  I don't see a lot of KY women voters flocking to Mitch McConnell, even those who previously voted for him.  They may see beyond the liberal label and realize there is someone out there who understands women issues.

    And as recent polls indicate, a Judd candidacy for U.S. Senate isn't that hard of a concept for people in KY to swallow.  If you go back to the facts cited in the NY Times article, you might get a bit more insight as to how much Judd could really shake up the system.

    The reason why Al Franken barely won in Minnesota, which has more liberals than Kentucky, is because Norm Coleman was the incumbent and a lot of people in the state were used to him being U.S. Senator.  Since Franken has been U.S. Senator, he's gotten high approval ratings and should easily win re-election.

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