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View Diary: Was Al-Awlaki A Citizen When He Was Killed? (130 comments)

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  •  question about al Qaeda since it appears (0+ / 0-)

    bin Laden's particular cell is moribund or extinct, does this designation of a hostile paramilitary group (which I assume also includes RW militias in this country as well) extend to all the permutations of al Qaeda since it is more a franchise than a single organization.  If so does this mean that all Wahhabist paramilitary groups are then considered to be hostile paramilitary groups?  Or does it only apply to groups with al Qaeda in its name?  The last estimate I saw was that al Qaeda had a couple of dozen different groups operating worldwide, which does not include affiliated organizations (and do we go after organizations which cooperated with the Taliban and al Qaeda at some time in the past, such as ETA or the Chechen rebels or the old style IRA?)  

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