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  •  I read your story in a personal way, as I've (17+ / 0-)

    lived it personally. Thankfully, I'm in a bit better place now, but it has always begged the question in my mind....why are the poor and needy only worthy of generics, leftovers, and outdated food. People with the resources to donate food and clothing go through their cabinets every so often to look for the the outdated cans and boxes and freezer-burned meat to donate. Or they'll fill a bag at the store full of the cheapest, crappiest stuff for donation. Clothing that's donated is often tattered and stained. Too often the poor are treated as if they're animals in a pen. You throw them slop and a bucket of water, and they should be damned grateful for it. How sad our society is.

    I'm a Democrat 1st, and a Liberal 2nd.

    by Laurilei on Sun Mar 10, 2013 at 08:54:33 AM PDT

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      laurustina, Laurilei
      How sad our society is
      I'm one of those people who donate.  Throughout my adult life whether I had the "resources" or not.  

      When I have no money to donate or to buy items to donate, I go through my pantry & closets to do so.

      And donate time.  An ongoing project is to kitbash & repair toys to mint condition to donate along with new toys.  Somethings magical & very special for someone's children.

      I've never donated yuck food or items & no matter my financial status is, I have always found a way.  Whether it is through buy one get one free at the grocery or after holiday mega sales or begging local businesses & organizations.

      I used to believe that people in my community would understand that just one can or one dollar or one hour donated could re-fill the empty shelves at the local food bank or cooperatives.  

      Instead, many seem to think their one can or dollar or one hour won't matter or that "someone else" is taking care of it.

      Leaves an ever burning thing within me along with aching sadness.  To read what you & others have written makes my soul howl in despair at the blindness or mindset of some in our society.

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