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  •  read the book Overdressed (4+ / 0-)
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    Mr Robert, chimene, glorificus, offred

    most donated clothes are sold if they are in good condition; if they don't sell quickly they are pulled off the rack and sent to coporate rag pickers; some of the clothes are sent in big crates to Africa; others are torn to shreds for other purposes. The vast majority of clothes today are also made like shit, and are intended to be discarded after a wearing or two.

    •  Most of my clothes look like shit and (4+ / 0-)

      I like it that way. Look at Chomsky when they interview him - looks exactly the way I dress. Oh, there is a good video on canned stuff - it's from a right wing site but describes the longest surviving canned stuff. And for some strange reason I trust their opinion, oh well, I also buy some Spam when I'm at the DG - big city boy here, when the SHTF I'm sure the Food Lions will be picked clean.

      Most of my white dress shirts are from Thrift Store....



      by FakeNews on Sun Mar 10, 2013 at 12:43:55 PM PDT

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      •  are you kiding? they are picked clean when a snow (3+ / 0-)
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        glorificus, FakeNews, janmtairy

        storm is forecast, never mind the Apocalypse....I remember the approach of the blizzard of 96 and going to the Pathmark because it was the shittiest market in town and it was lined up at 7 am. It was a similar dynamic when Sandy approached, though historic hurricanes that cause massive destruction do not scare people in NJ as much as the threat of 2 feet of snow. I'll take the snow, hands down every day and twice on Sunday, over anything that even looks like a tropical storm. I've seen both. The snow ain't so bad. One caveat; you can have ice storms too, but true ice storms are rare in NJ, thank God..

    •  this was something different, NOT goodwill type (4+ / 0-)
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      offred, worldlotus, mamamedusa, zett

      It is a CHILDREN"S clothes and equipement nonprofit. I have volunteered there myself sorting clothes (throwing out dirty, ripped, stained ones) by size.

      I also have walked parents and families through the wearhouse for them to select clothing for their kids from the bins.

      Nothing, at least a few years ago when I was involved, was ever sold.

      Part of their vision was that some very nice nearly new (babies and little kids grow out of clothing fast so some of it  is pristine! same thing of course makes keeping a little child in clothing more expensive) clothes were available for the poorest children to wear.

      If felt really good to give foster children high end nearly new clothes. Fits with how all kids should be valued. The mothers (often it was mothers) were often very moved too.

      •  the big places sell the clothes (0+ / 0-)

        but the money is used to help the cause. Goodwill etc sell the clothes as do many others. Some chruches and charities will actually give the clothes to the poor. Red Cross also sells the clothes. Nothing wrong with it per se; they sell them cheap and some people can buy the stuff they need that way. i once donated shoes to a local chruch and they said they very specifically give them to the needy.

        •  It is as if you are not reading my posts. (0+ / 0-)

          I am posted the original comment about a children's charity I collected clothes for.

          You posted that most donated clothes are sold if they are in good condition, if not they are pulled off the rack and sold as rags...

          YES I know that is so for GOODWILL etc.

          So I then explained that I'd actually both collected children's clothes, and also volunteered there walking poor families through to PICK the clothes.

          Then you just respond again basically repeating what MOST charities do with clothes. AS IF I didn't comment at all. I see a small line in there "some small charities actually give clothes to the poor.."

          i dont't understand why you are responding to my comments this way. I was speaking of the one charity I volunteered with and how getting stained or ripped clothes made the recipients feel shitty so they carefully purged their collections of that.

          I have heard how other charities do as they do. You repeat it twice. Do you think I don't understand? I was not talking about other charities.

          We got on this just because I was saying that for some reason getting expired can goods to me feels a bit like getting someones rejected (expired) canned good> Though not the commenter's who eats expired goods herself. I then said it might be because I learned in working with this charity that some people would give ripped and stained things for poor kids to wear and how the charity handled that.
          oh well

          •  You seem offended for some reason. (0+ / 0-)

            But i'll be damned if I can figure why. Lighten up we are are on the same side. if somehow i offended you, I apologize. My point is that i am not against the selling of the clothes. i was trying to impart some interesting information that's contrary to what most believe, not to cast value judgements on you or anyone else. I am not opposed to Goodwill or the Salvation Army selling clothes. Again, i am a bit mystified by your somewhat offended ( and yeah a little bit offensive too )response. i gotta move on here.

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