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View Diary: Guest On FOX NEWS Hit With Racist Rape/Death Threats, After Opposing Guns As A Defense Against Rape (123 comments)

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  •  Troubling as it was, yes. (0+ / 0-)

    Criminal law requires a direct connection between
    a speaker and an act.

    "I want all my listeners to take their guns down
    and go to this event and show Gabby what a 2nd amendment
    remedy really is. 357 times, 44 times, 303 times.
    Do it right now, while she's standing right over there".

    well that's probably incitement to riot.

    "Will someone please just shoot her in the head, so we can
    get a better congresswoman?" in a room full of people with guns?  That's close to Accessory.

    but this vague reckless speech like Bachmanns or Palins crosshairs thing?  Well, we have a strong first amendment in this country.

    in the 1960's the Black Panthers showed up at places carrying guns.

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