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    wholeheartedly with you about the R obstruction and their obvious intent. I can't get too tweaked as the Democrat's refuse to use any remedy available political or legal, to fix the broken dysfunctional system. They also give false equivalence to the RW maniac's by dancing to their tune. They did it during the bush regime when they were the loyal opposition and they have refused to use any power as the majority since they took back the House 2006.

    It's really hard to believe that Harry cannot  politically out maneuver The Turtle. I notice when he wants something to get through he manages to pull a twisty procedural rule out of his butt. It's hard to swallow any of this kabuki as it is nothing but false. If it wasn't why did Harry take a handshake with The Turtle over actual filibusterer reform? Why did the WH appoint Simpson or Brennan? Why Max Baucus and no PO? Why these constant cliffs of fiscal mass deception and deficit hysteria? SS on the table, kill lists, Savvy business fraudsters running the economy  

    At this point a lot of Democrat's from real moderates to 'far lefties' and indies are not buying the false equivalences pumped out by the media partisan propaganda machine. They know what the Republicans are about that is why the Democrat's won in 2008 and 2012. The nature of this game is becoming more and more transparent.  How can the Democrat's expect anyone with a brain in their head to believe they are fighting against teh evil Republicans when all they offer is by-partisanship, hands across the aisle,  dirty back room deals (Grand Bargains) and victories for compromise.

    The Republicans are obstructing and out to get Obama and are practicing scorched earth politics. What's with the WH and congressional Democrat's hummm....As far as I can see they use these RW maniac's to provide good cover for hoisting there own anti-democratic corporate agenda on 'we the people'. Kind of takes the fear factor out of the equation and makes false equivalence just another distraction from the Democrat's refusal to stand up and fight them. If they did  what people elected them to do instead of haggling over the terms of austerity and whose the biggest macho neocon chest thumper perhaps people would be able to distinguish the false equivalence from the never ending partisan kabuki.

    My Rachael imitation: President Obama has agreed to put SS on the table but that's not good enough for Republicans.

    Gimmie a break I know double speak when I hear it.


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