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View Diary: Facepalm, Wash Post publishes article claiming racism will drive liberal whites to the GOP (133 comments)

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  •  and he very well may have picked a (0+ / 0-)

    Republican leaning suburb. There are rich, White (MA has only 6.6 Black population overall anyway) Moderate to right leaning suburbs on the commuter rail. MA is not all's patchy.

    If he is "from Harvard" he is well off. And it does not mean he has been in Boston long. He may not get that his sample was skewed.

    And we can't evaluate it because he does not say which community(s) he chose, and tell us what the ACTUAL political makeup of those communities are.
    And he doesn't tell us how many people were his sample size (n).
    Even Harvard social scientists can be sloppy with these kinds of things especially if they are informal. He reports his findings in a very nonscientific way that to someone with training in research science seems unsuportable and sloppy. We can't know if his lack of rigor is just in how he's reporting it to us in WP because he doesn't want to get into too many numbers, or if he really didn't check out all of those variables.

    As he describes it it's kind of lame to be honest.

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