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View Diary: How do I get rid of a vehicle someone abandoned in my carport? (109 comments)

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  •  Check with the clerk's office (13+ / 0-)

    at the local courthouse where you get tags, or tag renewal.  They will tell you whether you can sell a vehicle for salvage only.  You have the right to put a lien on the vehicle for storage which probably exceeds the value of the vehicle.  You can probably find lien forms online that are legal to use in your state. Just file it at the courthouse for a small fee.

    In our state, such storage fees typically run between $10-$15 per day. Also ask the clerk how long a vehicle or property needs stay with you in order to be considered "abandoned."

    My guess is that the truck is now yours.  I got rid of a vehicle without the title a couple of years ago.  The county clerk told me to fill out a bill of sale to the buyer "For Salvage Only."  She told me a salvage sale does not need a title.  That way, it can be parted out legally by the buyer.  

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